Replacement Control box and Wiring Harness


Newly designed: 12 ft cable length and quick connect control cables for easy change out and easy storage. The Accu-Seed System’s motor and linear lift system are controlled with this control box and wiring harness. The control box allows the operator to power the Accu-seed system® motor off and on as needed for optimal seed distribution and for raising and lowering the Master Series unit.

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* Actual equipment images may vary slightly in color and design due to changes in production.
*This is not a replacement for other units with our Accu-Seed System box. It is only for the Master Series. Please see our seed box on and off switch for other units.

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Replacement Control box and Wiring Harness for The MFP-103 Master Series

The Control Box has two functions. (1) To raise and lower the Wheel Assembly (ride height). (2) To control the on/off of the seeder motor.
Replacement Fuse – 30 AMP SLOW BLOW FUSE


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