Micro Food Plots 4′ Turning Plow


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*Intended to be used with the Master Series

The MFP-A01 attachment comes with four standard-duty S-Tines and four turn shovels. It is used for increased tillage and for added down pressure. It also works great for breaking up virgin soils and cultivating areas with sod and/or vegetation prior to preparing your plots for planting. These turning shovels act like small moldboard plows cutting and turning over sod and/or vegetation which makes it easier for you to cultivate and plant your plots. The turning shovels also increase the down pressure on your Master Series® forcing the discs deeper into the soil for increased tillage. Plowing with a turning plow helps control insects that live in crop refuse and debris, and it also helps to control weeds.


Perfect add on for your Master Series®

  • 59 lbs
  • 45″ long
  • 23″ height
  • 17″ width


  • Perfect size for adding on to your Master Series® equipment
    2x2x3/16” Solid steel tubing, made in the USA
  • (4) Standard duty Danish S-tines: Constructed from heat treated steel for durability and flexibility. The S-tine shank is designed for standard duty cultivating. It has an overall length measuring
    21.25 inches and a ground clearance measuring 14-1/2 inches.
  • (4) 7-1/2”x9”x3/16” steel turn shovels
  • The MFP-A01 aids in preparing fields before the planting process by using a turning plow.
  • Used for turning the soil to aerate it and sending the nutrient-enriched soil to the top.
  • Plowing with a turning plow aids in helping to control insects that live in crop refuse and debris, and it also aids in controlling weeds.

Shipping is via UPS Freight from our dock to the UPS Freight service facility that services your address and is Customer Pick-Up/Will-Call. If you desire residential lift gate service another $150.00 in shipping will apply. (If you have access to a dock please inquire and we will do what we can to accommodate)


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