Micro Food Plots Frequently Asked Questions

What is the broadcast distance for your Accu-Seed System®

Our 6’ Ft Disc/Seeder has a minimum 6’ broadcast range and includes 9 distribution holes.
Our 4’ Ft Disc/Seeder and Master Series has a minimum broadcast range of 4’ feet spread and includes 6 distribution holes.

The Accu-Seed System ® has a specially design adjustable deflector plate that allows you to control the direction that the seed dispenses: Vertical placement allows the seed to drop directly behind the unit, whereas a horizontal placement allows the seed to dispense more broadly and cover more area.

What size is the Accu-Seed System® box?
Our 6’ Ft Disc/Seeder has a seed box that measure 45” long.
Our 4’ Ft Disc/Seeder and Master Series has a seed box that measure 30” long.
How much seed will the Accu-Seed System® hold?

The 4’ will hold approximately 50 lbs of seed
The 6’ will hold approximately 85 lbs of seed

Can my ATV/UTV pull the Master Series® unit?
We recommend that you use an ATV/UTV that is at least 500cc or higher
How wide does the Master Series® unit disc & plow?
The Master Series® will break and/or plow a maximum swath of 48” wide
What type of seed can I plant with the Accu-Seed System®
You can plant a wide variety of seeds, from very small seeds (clover, rape, chicory, etc.) to large seeds (up to the size of soybeans, peas Chufa or corn). With the Accu-Seed System® you can also plant Native Warm Season Grasses as well.
How do you ship?
We currently ship all of equipment throughout the United States using common LTL carriers. We ship our units fully assembled and ready to use with minimal set-up. Customers are also able to pick up directly from our Factory in Smyrna TN.
Do you have any dealers that I can visit?
We currently do not have any dealers. We are primarily factory direct.
Are spare parts available?

Yes. We have an inventory of spare parts. Contact us by phone or email and our customer service staff can assist you.

Can I put lime in the Accu-Seed System® box?
NO! Micro Food Plots DOES NOT recommend lime or fertilizer be dispensed through the Accu-Seed System®. Doing so will void all warranties on the Accu-Seed System®