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Master Series ®

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Our “Master Series®” equipment is an “all-in-one” tilling & seeding implement – so no more making multiple trips to and from the barn! Whether you have anywhere from a 1/4 acre to a 5 acre parcel to prep for a garden or if you have areas on your land that you want to put in small food plots for hunting, Micro Food Plots has just the right equipment to help you with those needs. 16″  heavy duty tires make the Master Series® easy to transport virtually anywhere and retract electrically with our Linear Lift System, with a push of a button, when you are ready to cultivate and/or plant. NEW FEATURE: Our Clodbuster™ Cultipacker Roller

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* Optional Turning Plow sold separately

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12 Blade Disc with Accu-Seed System ®, Clod Buster® Cultipacker and heavy duty drag

  • Features our durable, corrosion-resistant coated finish, 40” Clod Buster® Cultipacker, 40” HD Drag, Heavy Duty Tires and 2” Hitch!
  • 40” cutting swath with each pass Accu-Seed System electric seed box drops seed directly behind disc reducing seed loss.
  • Folded Length: 68"
  • Hitch Extended Length: 99"
  • Wheel Width: 58"
  • Overall Height: 40" (Lowered Position)
  • Overall Height: 48" (Raised Position)
  • Approx Weight 750 lbs
  • ATV/UTV pulled disc used to prepare soil and for planting (4X4 500cc or larger recommended)
  • Heavy-duty frame with 12 notched blades and heavy-duty sealed bearings

Used to prepare soil and planting. Heavy duty frame with 12 notched blades, and heavy duty sealed bearings. 40” cutting swath with each pass. 2” ball hookup and features our durable coat finish! This unit utilizes a down pressure system for maximum cut. Flexible metal grating attached to the drag bar provides a smooth “infield” finish and helps provide even coverage of soil over your seed for improved production. It can also be used to smooth and prepare your seedbed prior to planting in rough, uneven areas. The New Clod Buster® cultipacker Roller is designed for compaction of the soil over the seed therefore increasing seed to soil contact for optimal germination of what has been planted. The Clod Buster® cultipacker roller can also be used for added weight during tillage. This is achieved by leaving the roller in the folded position and resting it over the front disc. The Electric Lift serves many purposes; one is the ability to raise & lower your unit for transport, the other is to gauge the depth of disking and or planting. This is activated by the UP/Down switch that is located on the control box.

The Accu-Seed System® by Micro Food Plots® is designed to maximize mixing and dispensing of your seed. Whether you are planting fine clover or sunflower seed, the Accu-Seed Systems adjustable seed-gate will give you precise distribution and metering of the seed when planting your next food plot. The 12V DC mechanically driven high torque sealed motor is designed to last and boasts a much lower operational cost than traditional mechanically driven seeders. The Accu-Seed System’s motor is controlled with a micro switch cord that allows the operator to power off and on as needed for optimal seed distribution. No more wasting or over-seeding. The Accu-Seed System is constructed with precision laser cut, heavy duty steel, long lasting finish, with welded construction, and best of all it is Made in the USA.

*Consider adding one of our optional plows for help breaking up virgin soils and cultivating areas with sod and/or vegetation or our new One-point hitch system with the 3 point conversion connector.

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Weight 850.00 lbs
Dimensions 64 × 79 × 50 in