MFP’S Extendable Tree Hook



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Whether you are creating bedding areas, travel corridors or even clearing shooting lanes, the ability for you to be able to reach into the air as much as triple your height, and to either push or pull trees without having to cut very far into the back of the tree is critical in the art of hinge cutting. With less of a cut into the back of the tree to create the hinge, you can expect the tree to hold together after the cut for many years…as well as to live for a decade or more in most cases.

*Actual equipment images may vary slightly in color and design due to changes in production.

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The MFP extendable tree hook is a tool that is designed to help with hinge cutting, which is a forestry technique used to selectively cut trees in a way that encourages new growth and provides habitat for wildlife. The MFP extendable tree hook helps improve hinge cutting efficiency by allowing the user to reach higher up into the tree and apply more force to either push or pull the tree in a specific direction. By using the MFP tree hook to move the tree, the user can create a hinge with less of a cut into the back of the tree, which can help the tree hold together after the cut and remain standing for many years. This can be beneficial for creating bedding areas, travel corridors, or shooting lanes, as it allows for more precise control over the placement of the trees that are being cut.

Micro Food Plots Extendable Tree Hook Features:

  • Square aluminum tube design
  • High strength tensile steel teeth
  • Stainless steel fasteners
  • Extendable design extends to nearly 12 feet to provide more leverage on trees
  • Length adjustments made easy by using the solid push button on the side
  • 3 length adjustments (7′, 9′, and 11-1/2′)
  • Length adjustments made easy by using the push button
  • Soft grip handle for comfort
  • Weighs in at at 7-1/2 lbs
  • Affordable and well built

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